People on the internet can easily be categorized into different types of people. The reason why they can be categorized is that they are all the same. It’s like the copying of one person to another. So is it because of human’s nature that we always imitate each other or…

Statement : I am what I am because of who we all are

Question : We are the one who shape internet or the internet is shaping us?

Keywords : Human imitation, Cyber/Internet, Identity, Repeating

I have been experimenting on “mirror” in different medium. The reason why I use mirror as a main object because I want to given a meaning of “I am what I am because of who we all are”. It’s like we all are the reflection of each other.

Keywords : Cyber/Internet, Create, Identity

We are now living in a cyber world where everyone can be part of it and access to the internet. We are parts of the internet, we create posts, emojis, photos and videos and upload those to the internet. We are the one who shaped…

According to a classic short story called the Veldt which was written by an American writer, Ray Brandbury. I have noticed that technology and family institutes are merging together. The main characters in this story that have been talking about are the parents, George and Lydia Hadley and their offspring…

As a design student I would want to deliver this message to the audience through artwork. To increase an awareness of “there is no privacy on the internet”. I would start with what I have spotted from what I’ve seen in my daily life usage is people from instagram. I will make a collage of random people in class and then form it into a new person with different parts of body from different person. To see if any of them can spot their identity in this artwork. I will be taking a role as a criminal who steals my classmate’s identity and forms it into an artwork.

“Privacy on the Internet? That’s oxymoron.” — Catherine Butler

At the present age we are living among high-technology, internet, social media, machines, civilization and millions of humans. Since 1999 the number of internet users in Thailand has rapidly kept on increasing and increasing. Our daily life has mostly been thrown…


Communication Design, SoA+D

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