I am what I am because of who we all are

Continuing from last week that I have questioned about “We are the one who shaping the internet or the internet is shaping us”. I have been digging deeper into this question then I have found that the internet is a platform for us to humanize, to be accepted, to be in a group. In facebook there are a lot of private groups for those people with the same interest such as a group of people who only watch Conan (Japanese Anime), a group of people who only listen to Techno/House music or to be more clear is that a group of people full with the same passion and interest. Anyone in the group could be friends with a different range of ages in each group. I think the advantages of this Facebook group is that we don’t know them personally; we can talk or comment whatever we want. In real life there is a big gap between adults and children but in Facebook groups those gaps have literally decreased. We also need to consider how we look in real life in order to fit in with others so many people are not brave enough to argue or point out their opinion. But for the internet even adults could comment or post anything in a childish way. Everybody has got their right to post comments within the group.

Anyone can be part of the internet the moment you sign up to whatever social media it is you are already part of the cyber-world which is really big recently. There has been a huge debate about nature and nurture of human’s brain for several years. People on both sides of the argument believe that both genetics and environment play a huge role in the way a person develops. But according to my own experience from the internet when I first used instagram is because everyone is using it at that time. There is a moment when my friend is posting a photo of our group of friends. She tagged everyone except me because I have no instagram account at that time. Suddenly, In that particular time I felt different so I decided to have one. Since that moment I have been playing instagram almost everyday. One time there was a viral dance challenge on Tik Tok everyone was dancing to that song but the internet users have zero idea where that challenge is for or from who. They just do it because everybody is doing it. Thus, I have concluded that it’s not all about genetics or instinct, it is more about surrounding and environment. “I am what I am because of who we all are”, This is a perfect way to think about the way a brain develops, influenced by its surrounding people and experiences.



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