People and the Internet

According to a classic short story called the Veldt which was written by an American writer, Ray Brandbury. I have noticed that technology and family institutes are merging together. The main characters in this story that have been talking about are the parents, George and Lydia Hadley and their offspring Wendy and Peter Hadley. They are living in a technologically driven house which basically this house would run everything for the owner.

The sentence that has proof that these kids Wendy and Peter are spoiled kids is when their dad says “nothing is too good for our children”. They let their kids live with technology and let them use it without any limitation. Looking back to real life at the present there are a lot of families which let their kids live and learn with technology, Laptops, iPad, Phone and Internet. Some kids could already make money from the Internet these days. While parents are working and working and kids are searching and scrolling, the bond of family also can be decreasing as well. Technology developed over the past two decades and there are of course advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Many parents are buying smartphones for their children under 13 for a security reason so that they can track their children, they can phone their child directly. Looking back when I was young as a girl who doesn’t know what Google is I spend most of my time in the real world with people around me. We were having a really great time back then but then after I got my first iPhone and Instagram first launched. My friends introduced me to the world of picture and picture with the photo of the hottest girl in the school at that time. After that the activities or hobbies of people have changed. Everyone is more concerned about pictures and photo editing. Some people just couldn’t stop coming up with new content for posting.

We could be really educated with technology but we also could be one of those Instagrammer who only scroll down to stalk people and cafe hunting for a cute picture. I have been seeing that many people are making money from Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok but some people could get addicted to their phone.

During three months of lockdown in Thailand. There is a new social media application which has been really popular until now called “Tik-Tok”. The good thing about this application is that it keeps people entertained, most of the people are dancing, doing challenges and having fun with Tik-Tok. Everything seems to be real entertaining but on the other side of the world we are having a big economic crisis and people dying out there. Not so many people are considering about the COVID-19 situation at that time. It’s like we are being spelled under the fantasy world of social media and cyber-world. People could be stuck in it and there is no way out.