Shaping the Internet

Keywords : Cyber/Internet, Create, Identity

We are now living in a cyber world where everyone can be part of it and access to the internet. We are parts of the internet, we create posts, emojis, photos and videos and upload those to the internet. We are the one who shaped the internet nowadays according to our usage. I have been experiencing typing some words or posting something on the internet and that related picture of that word just keeps on showing on my feeds according to the algorithm, technology of the internet and so on. This situation kind of made me start to question the internet. Is this better called dangerous to humans or beneficial to us? It made me feel like someone was staring at me all the time and someone was stalking on me. If the internet is a person he or she would know almost everything about me. The Internet is part of my world.He will know which emoji is my favourite, which E-mail I send to often, or even which people on the internet that I’ve been stalking on them. The internet-man would know everything about me.

Question : We humans are the one that shaping technology or technology is shaping us?



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